Our Philosophy

Traditionally, if the term "Martial Arts family" was used, it referred to the closeness and unity of fellow practitioners. Today, "martial arts family" has been redefined by the increasing popularity of the martial arts within entire households. Moms and dads, brothers and sisters are learning together. There is a saying in the martial arts:

"Families that kick together stick together."

Families that share a common interest often maintain or develop a special bond that improves the overall family relationship. Imagine the benefits to your family of training together while working towards a Black Belt.

Although you are working towards a common goal, you will find that each family member reaps a unique benefit from their training. For example, one family member may enjoy the benefits of better weight control, the great feeling after working out, and increased energy. Others might find improved muscle tone, increased stamina, and the cardiovascular benefits to be their motivators. Some enjoy the fundamentals of learning martial arts and the companionship of other family members being involved.

We believe that perfect practice makes perfect. Having a partner to workout and review techniques with can be a valuable learning tool and can enhance the training experience. It is relaxing, enjoyable, and a great way to stay motivated to exercise at home.

At Anderson's Martial Arts, we encourage every family member to participate in the martial arts. We invite your family to join our family in the quest for better health, improved relationships and, of course, a good time!

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